Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading, Incorrect and Out of Sync & Wrong Subtitles [Fixed]

Is it true that the Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading properly? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and have taken care of everything. We discovered that Cinema HD is loading incorrect subtitles while testing the app last night, which is aggravating.

Then, after digging deeper into the problem, we discovered that there are other flaws, such as subtitles that are out of sync and don’t always load correctly.

Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading

But don’t panic; we’ve covered all you need to know about how to fix Cinema HD Subtitles that are out of sync on Firestick and Android, as well as what to do if the file is misplaced.

Why Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading?

It could be attributed to a variety of factors. One of the main reasons is the scarcity of subtitles for a particular video. Cinema HD will not be able to load subtitles if there are no subtitles files available.

It could be due to server difficulties in some cases. You may be watching “video A” with subtitles from “video D.” Subtitles, on the other hand, maybe out of rhythm with your movie, particularly on Firestick and PC.

The cause could be anything, but we have a fantastic solution for cinema apk subtitles that aren’t working, loaded, or out of sync. We’ve given the tips that we used on our smartphones while dealing with these issues. We hope you find them helpful; if not, please leave a comment describing the specific difficulty you’re having.

How Do I Fix Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading And Captions Out Of Sync?

Subtitles that are out of sync are a common problem with Fire TV Stick devices. The cause of the problem is the firestick remote control, and improper use of the firestick remote might escalate the problem to the next level.

Cinema HD Subtitles on FireStick and PC are out of sync

The cause of this problem could be an immature time label in the subtitles file. Check if the subtitles file is working correctly this time by reloading it. Otherwise, use Google to get the video name, add the subtitles phrase, and then download the RTF or txt file.

Load the subtitles file into the Cinema HD video you’re watching. If it doesn’t work, try looking for an alternative supplier for that specific video and seeing how things go this time.

Furthermore, whether you are utilizing a VPN on your firestick or computer, you can follow specific guidelines.

1. First, open the es file explorer and navigate to the Local label option on the left side menu.

es file manager cinema firestick

2. Now, please scroll down until you see a folder labeled “Cinema HD.”

3. Go to the “Subtitles” folder after opening that folder.

4. Select all of the subtitles you’ve downloaded and click the Delete button.

5. Return to your Firestick’s home screen now.

6.Open the VPN app on your Firestick, whichever one you’re presently using. (Examples include ExpressVPN, IPVanish VPN, and others)

cinema apk subtitles not working

7. If the VPN app is already linked, disconnect it.

8. Now is the time to restart your firestick. Confirm that it is linked to the internet.

fix cinema hd subtitles firestick

9. Launch Cinema HD from the Your Apps section.

10. To receive the subtitles, select the movie you wish to view and press the Subtitles button.

11. Many others have had success with this strategy, and you can too. Give it a shot, and don’t forget to follow all of the above procedures.

Many others have had success with this strategy, and you can too. Give it a shot, and don’t forget to follow all of the above procedures.

Using MX Player to Fix Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading Issue

The heading’s title represents the problem’s solution. You must manually select the appropriate subtitles to file from the cinema apk app’s database or download it from the internet and load it. Don’t worry; the MX player will take care of it.

1. To begin, download and install the MX player on your firestick, Android device, or computer.

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2. Also, make sure you’re running the most recent version of Cinema (v2.3.7.3) on your device.

3. On your smartphone, launch the Cinema HD app (firestick or pc or android phone).

4. Go to Menu, which is located in the top left corner of the program.

settings of the app

5. Click Settings after scrolling down a little bit.

cinema mx player firestick

6. Choose the General option to see a variety of options for dealing with cinema settings.

7. Select “Choose default player” as the first option.

choose mx player for subtitles cinema-apk

8. That’s all there is to it. Select “MX Player,” and you’re done.

9. Return to the Cinema HD app’s home screen on your firestick, Android phone, or computer.

10. Select the film that you want to see.

11. Select any link from the listed sources and press “Play.”

12. As your default video player, the Mx player will be launched.

13. On the MX player, select the little subtitle symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

cinema apk subtitle fix

14. To get the subtitles from the website, select the “Online Subtitles” option.

type cinema name to sync subtitles

15. To find subtitles, type the title of the movie or TV show and select “OK.”

searching for subtitles

16. For the search keyword you supplied, you will now see a list of subtitle files.

cinema hd subtitles sync fix

17. Choose any of these to see if the movie subtitles error has been resolved.

I hope this helps; if you’re still having trouble with the subtitle problem on the Cinema HD APK App, please leave a comment below.

What Can You Do If Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading?

If you haven’t solved the problem using the methods listed above, We recommend that you check out the app version you’re now using. If you’re using an older version of Cinema HD, try updating it. Otherwise, erase the app’s cache and retest everything.

cinema hd subtitles not working

You may not be able to do anything because the situation is beyond our control. As a result, we must either wait for a solution from the app’s makers or rely on any alternative apps available on the internet.

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Final Words of Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading

You have three options if your Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading or out of sync. The first option is to delete the downloaded subtitles and reconnect to the VPN, then try again. Choosing the MX player as your default video player and loading subtitles from is the second fix. The third step is to erase the app cache and update the cinema app to the most recent version available.

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