How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD (Sync & Integrate Guide)

This post will show you How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD on AndroidFirestick, and PC (Windows, MAC, and Linux). We’ve also included a step-by-step guide for setting up an MX player as your default video player for Cinema HD.

MX Player is the first option of millions of users all around the world. It’s due to the app’s flexibility and various setting possibilities. Let’s look at how my player can assist you in watching movies and TV shows on the Cinema HD APK App.

How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD

How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD

Although the MX player app has only been out for a few days, you are likely already using it on your phone or computer. This post contains further information about the app as well as other related information. The app is currently available for download for free. Read More About MX Player.

How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD (Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite)

There are two ways to install MX Player on a Firestick. In this essay, we will not discuss the most straightforward option. Let’s have a look at the methods for establishing an MX player directly on your Firestick.

Wait, will the Google Play Store come pre-installed on the Firestick? No, that is not the case. It’s because Google Play services aren’t available on the Firestick.

You can sideload those apps on your Firestick, but they will not function properly. So, we opted to sideload the MX player apk to the Firestick, which works like a charm and is also relatively simple.

1. Connect your Fire TV stick to your television and turn it on.

2. Make that the firestick is connected to a working wifi network connection by going to the home screen.

3. Go to the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s Settings and select My Fire TV.

settings firestick

4. Now scroll down and choose Developer Options. This is critical because you cannot download apps or games for your Firestick from anywhere other than the Amazon Webstore.

my fire tv settings

5. By tapping the “OK” button on your firestick, go to the Apps from Unknown Sources option and switch it on. To see the entire list of apps available for download, select “Yes” after clicking “Turn On” to confirm the changes.

apps from unknown developers

6. Return to your firestick’s home screen. Using the fire tv remote, press the “Home” button.

7. Go to the search icon and type “Downloader” in the search box.


8. Now, please Install the downloader app (from the Amazon store) on your Firestick.

9. To download apps from our website, open the downloader app and tap the “Allow” button.

allow downloader

10. Open the downloader program and go to the “Browser” area.

downloader for firestick

11. Now download the MX Player APK on your firestick

12. After downloading Mx Player will begin the download procedure at the backend in a few seconds.


install mx player for cinema on firestick

13. To add an MX Player to your fire tv stick, select the “Install” option whenever prompted.

delete mx player apk from firestick

14. Finally, select “Delete” to delete the apk file and free up some space on the fire tv stick.

MX Player is now installed on your Firestick. To see the app, go to the “Your Apps” section. To use the app, tap the MX player symbol and navigate through the menus.

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On Cinema HD How To Choose MX Player As Default Player

Now is the moment to combine our generation’s best video player with the cinema app. Let’s look at the actions you’ll need to do to complete the integration.

  • Go to the “Your Apps” section on your Firestick and open the Cinema HD app.
  • Go to the cinema menu options, which may be found in the top left corner of the app window.

settings of the app

  • Select Settings with your fire tv remote by scrolling down a little bit.
  • Select General as your initial option.

cinema mx player firestick

  • Select the first option once more. Select the default video player selection from the drop-down menu.

mx player integration with cinema app on firestick

  • Cinema Player (Built-in), CLeafPlayer, MX Player, and VLC Player are the four video players available
  • After selecting MX Player, the program window will be reduced.

That concludes our discussion. From now on, the MX player will be your default video player on the cinema app. So, you can view movies and TV shows through the cinema HD app; it’s as simple as that.

How to Use MX Player on Firestick, Android, and PC in Multi-Screen Mode

In most personal computers, there is a multi-screen mode. It means you can have the MX player play the movie in a half-sized window (Split Screen Mode) while still using your Firestick.

It means you can use your Firestick as a multitasking device similar to a computer. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step instructions we’ve provided below.

  • On your firestick, launch the Cinema app. Check to see if it is operational. If you’re having trouble with the app, see the Fix Cinema HD APK Installing Errors guide.
  • Go to the app’s menu and select the movies area.
  • Using MX player, select any movie you want to view in split-screen mode.
  • Select any of the movie’s links and press the “Play” button.
  • MX Player will now launch and begin playing the video inside the cinema HD app.

mxplayer cinema firestick

  • To enable picture in picture mode on MX Player, tap the bottom right icon [pip icon] as shown above.

enable pip mode on mx player cinema hd

  • When prompted, select “Allow” as seen in the image.

split screen mode cinema hd mx player

  • As stated below, choose the “Allow display over other apps” option.
  • Return to the MX player and check whether the MX player pip mode on cinema HD is working correctly.

You may now multitask while viewing movies by browsing the internet, reading the news, and downloading apps.

How To Use MX Player To Sync Cinema HD Favorites, Watch History, and Settings To Another Device

It’s the most incredible trick, and it’ll come in handy for someone like you. You can now sync all of your favorites, viewing history, and cinema app settings to another device from the one you’re using right now.

In a nutshell, the MX player will save your current settings, history, and favorites to an XML file on your current device. You can use an MX player to export that.xml file and load it on another device.

All of your settings will be transferred to the new device. You may sync your settings to another phone or firestick if you are a frequent timer watcher on Android.

1. On your Android phone or Firestick, launch the MX player.

2. Scroll down to Settings, which may be found in the player’s hamburger menu.

local player settings

3. Go to the first option in the settings menu, Local Player Settings.

general settings of mx

4. Select General from the drop-down menu, which is the sixth item on the list.

5. After you’ve scrolled down, click “Export.”

xport settings of cinema app on mx player

6. Ensure that both the Settings and Activity records are checked. Now select the “OK” option.

settings and watch history

7. Choose a folder (where the export will be saved) and fill in the “File Name” field with whatever you want.

choose name for xml file export

8. Wait a few seconds after pressing “OK.”

9. Now, using the file manager, navigate to that folder and see if the mx_player_cinema_settings.xml is saved or not.

10. Copy the file to a USB device or upload it to any cloud-based online file storage service.

11. Download the file from the cloud storage location or copy it from the pen drive into the new device (if you chose this technique) (probably firestick).

12. Launch the MX Player app (it can be another phone or fire tv stick).

13. Like before, go to the Menu and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

14. Go to the Local Player Settings section of the app’s General settings.

15. Scroll to the bottom of the list and then click “Import.”

import cinema settings on mx player

16. Now select the folder where the file (mx_player_cinema_settings.xml) was saved and click “OK.”

That concludes our discussion. All movie app settings, favorites, and watch history have now been correctly synchronized to your new device. You won’t need to use the trakt tv service if you can follow this way.

Final Words of How to Install MX Player on Cinema HD

Why should we utilize Cinema HD when we have MX Player, which has the most features? You can use the methods above to watch movies using an MX player from Cinema HD on your firestick, Android phone, or computer. Do you have any concerns? Please do not hesitate to submit them to us for assistance.

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